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RPG Playground Roadmap

Please see our Public Roadmap on Trello, which gives a detailed overview of what I’m working on, what is planned for the near future, and what are things that are considered for the far future. You can even influence which features will be implemented next, by voting on your favorite topics. So please go check it out here!

Remark that nothing on the roadmap is certain. Features might change, priorities might shift, etc.


You will notice that no dates or deadlines are specified. Features are implemented as fast as possible and released when they are ready. So you won’t have to wait for the next major release to use them.

Next to the detailed Trello roadmap, below is a more general roadmap of things to come.

Any feedback on this is welcome! 🙂

Release 1.0: Action Adventure

Goal of this release: You can create, share and play, top-down 2D action adventure games, in the style of The Legend of Zelda. This is a “no-loose-ends” version of RPG Playground.

The gameplay needs to feel and look good awesome! If you see a screenshot or animated GIF, you just want to play the game. When you play the game, it needs to be fun and addictive.

Release 2.0: More RPG features

  1. Bullet shooter support with mouse aiming.
  2. New screenplay action: actor shows text: Next to actors saying something, this action will show some text right above the actor. This is useful for actors that don’t have a face images such as monsters and interactive objects such as treasure chests, signs, … .
  3. Start of level screenplay: Now only actors support custom screenplays. But this will add screenplays to levels, so when the level starts, a certain sequence of actions is triggered. Great way to create scripted cut-scenes.
  4. Tutorial at startup: Guides newbies through the most basic elements would be convenient.
  5. Item management (includes shops to buy/sell items)
  6. Gold management
  7. Experience points (XP)
  8. Leveling

Release 3.0: Turn-Based (Pokemon) Combat

Turn-based combat

This release adds turn-based combat that can be used instead of the action based fighting.


A lot of users want to make their own Pokemon game, so this release will support collecting monsters, training them, and letting them fight.

Release 4.0: Custom resources

Custom Resources

  • Upload your own graphics for tilesets, characters, gui, …
  • Easier level creation using ground autotiles + extra tools
  • Animated tiles
  • Extend scenery toolset (single object selection)
  • Extra default tilesets

Universal LPC Character support


Secret Master Plan


You might see RPG Playground as a little toy that you can play with. And at the moment, it probably is. But I have big plans for the future, and want to explain them here. My master plan basically comes down to this:

  1. Build a tool that allows anyone to make their own Role Playing Games, and easily let others play their game.
  2. Make sure artists can make an RPG using their own graphics, without the need of a programmer.
  3. Make sure programmers can make a game without the need of an artist.
  4. Programmers will extend the engine, so any game type can be build at this time: platformers, 3D, … .

The most important feature of the engine will remain that it’s easy to make and share your own games.

Below is an image of our roadmap with all possible features.

  • White area: what we are working towards now
  • Light-grey area: next focus
  • Dark-grey area: Would love to get this far! 🙂




33 thoughts on “RPG Playground Roadmap”

    • My first idea for RPG Playground was to create a collaborative, multiplayer RPG Maker. This means multiple people log into the same world, can adapt everything simultaneously, and talk to each other ingame. Kind of like an MMORPG where everyone can change the game. But the more users I got with my first prototype (which didn’t have any multiplayer yet), the more I realized they wanted to make their own story, their own game.

      I know it isn’t in this roadmap, but it definitely hasn’t left my mind. Maybe I should add it as a possible extra feature, and if enough users request it, I would definitely add it. It’s one of those features that is hard to implement by someone starting out with game development. So providing this with an easy to use package would definitely be valuable. But as I said, there needs to be a minimum baseline of people who want this feature.

      • I will make a game where you go through a nice, happy, little town and kill everybody and then steal their souls so you can kill a dragon and steal his soul and take his sword to kill more people and get more souls and then you conquer the earth so you destroy it and take it’s core and go to other planets and kill everything and then take their souls and then destroy the planets and take their cores and there will be only your rocket ship left in the universe so you use the cores to power your ship to go destroy more planets in other universes, repeat 5 times, and end.

    • Yes, I know you are really curious. (Sorry, not subscribed to this thread). But Koen has had some personal issues lately, which have been hindering progress. I don’t know, things like this take a long time to heal. So…even if it may help him deal with his issues to work, he’s probably not very motivated to. Which is fine, as his personal life comes first, job comes second. We just need to be really patient and supportive as Koen recovers.


  1. I think that someone should help this guy out with the development i really want to build an immersive game ETA on 2.0

  2. I totally dig the entire concept of this and have messed around a little bit to see how smoothly the process can go. It’s amazing! I’m a music producer, so if you need some music definitely hit me up and I’ll whip up some medieval action adventure music for ya!

  3. I’m very excited for the upcoming features of this game! I’ve been thinking of doing a monster fighter game and when we get multiplayer I can expand it! I’M JUST TOO EXCITEDDDD!

  4. OMG! Do you know how LONG I have been looking for something like this!? (It’s been a while…) RPG Playground has so many opportunities and stuff in store! This platform of RPG-making is super easy and fun, and sometime in 2018 it sounds as if it’ll get even easier and more fun (funner?). I think the main part that got me involved was the ability to have whatever freedom of game making you want, without the $ money $ restrictions (subscriptions fees, character packs, scenery packs, etc.) like most websites/platforms.
    Thank you Koonsolo fur making this platform (I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO CALL IT AAHH) and I love all of the plans that are in the future! Keep working hard, and we’ll do the same!

    *if you’ve read all the way down here, you have just earned a pat on the back*

    • I don’t put a deadline on these things, mainly because it’s always really hard to make an accurate prediction.

      I put all my effort into making it, not into estimating how long it will take.

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  6. Im creating a game but i need save points like to make the character able to save the game. We need something to put things that save the game, please.

  7. So which updates are out now? I don’t see anything indicating when this roadmap was last updated, and all the comments seem to be from years ago. How far along are you on this map?

  8. I know there is still lots to be done, and I’m not expecting this engine to really be “finished” anytime soon, BUT…
    You really ought to consider making the engine itself downloadable somewhere along the line. There are some people who just prefer to shut off the internet and work, or who don’t have permanent access:(
    Besides, what with RPG Maker games being officially supported on non-Windows platforms now, and EasyRPG’s good progress, NekoXP, Wine, and all that, I’d say that that’s not as much of a problem anymore. Maybe.
    What is a hassle is *development* being still pretty much restricted to Windows, so…
    I know this comment is kind of sloppy, but aiming for a downloadable version on multiple platforms might be an interesting idea. Good luck on your project!

    • Technically it is indeed possible to make a standalone version. But for me it is always a matter of where to put my efforts. Right now the focus is still on the web interface.

      As a first step I might add offline features in the web interface. This would mean you can go to the website even if you are offline, and can save your game. Once you go online the files are saved on the server. A so called Progressive Web App would work on any web browser.


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