Hunter’s Quest (Demo)

by Lukalot

Join a young hunter as he explores beyond his village turf and begins his quest!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of Hunter’s Quest, a new upcoming RPG built with RPG Playground.

10 thoughts on “Hunter’s Quest (Demo)”

    • Thanks a lot Aura! Sorry for late response, I’ve been semi inactive, was on vacation for 3 weeks. So, I do have a story in mind, but its fairly general for now, I’m hoping to implement some plot twists, and hopefully use the current mechanics to make some interesting puzzles I think what really makes an RPG good is when something happens you would never expect, so thats my goal!

      • No problem. I’m looking forward to your next update! Maybe the main character has to fight the ogre but gets rescued by some stranger and so begins the journey – The ‘Hunter’s Quest’! Well, that’s only a suggestion though… ^^

        • Im torn between 2 ideas, one of which _does_ include an ogre! By the way, do you think I made too hard for players to find Elgrid?

          • You may design Elgrids house a bit more eye-catching like making it a bit taller or placing a sign beside it… But I actually found his house very fast. 🙂

          • Forget the sign – I just saw there already is one ^^; Maybe you can place it a bit closer to the house, so that you immediately know it belongs to Elgrids Home…

  1. Sorry koon, don’t let this pass moderation since I accidentally didn’t put it under a reply to Aura, which I mean to.

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