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Our community members are already making some really nice games. So I was wondering how many times each games has been played by now. The authors are probably also curious how many people played their game.

So here is the top 5 of most played games on RPG Playground, for all time.

1. VVD by Shane Koven

  • Times played: 995
  • Average play time: 3:58 minutes
  • Total play time: 66 hours

Probably one of the oldest games on the website. Shane also did some promotion on his twitter and YouTube, so this might also contributed to the high number of plays. Well done!

2. A Lill’ Girls Tale by Aura

  • Times played: 848
  • Average play time: 5:57 minutes
  • Total play time: 84 hours

This game has some really nice levels, and Aura updates this game regularly and announces it in our forum.

Although the total number of plays is less than VVD, the total play time is way above it. The reason is that players spend 6 minutes on average playing her game. And if I look at the numbers of this month (including her latest update), the average play time is 7 minutes! Well done Aura on such a high quality game.

3. Castle by Elliot K

  • Times played: 589
  • Average play time: 3:10 minutes
  • Total play time: 31 hours

One of the early games, so many users already had a chance to play this game.

4. Baby Quest: Adventures by Project Glaive

  • Times played: 516
  • Average play time: 3:22 minutes
  • Total play time: 28 hours

Unique concept, and Project Glaive has been promoting this game on his own website.

5. The Project by Alton Robertson

  • Times played: 441
  • Average play time: 3:36 minutes
  • Total play time: 26 hours

One of the older projects, from back when RPG Playground only supported 1 level. But this game made a really nice level including indoor scenes.

Runner up: Crimson Children by Cynic-P

  • Times played: 279
  • Average play time: 4:59 minutes
  • Total play time: 23 hours

I was surprised that this game wasn’t higher in the list. It’s a really nice game, but probably I haven’t promoted it as much as I should have. If you look at the average play time, it definitely confirms that players are really enjoying it. I will definitely bring this game under attention again!

Latest Games

The latest games like “World of a Purple Something” and “Hunter’s Quest (Demo)” haven’t made it to this list, because they don’t have enough plays yet. But I’m going to release some numbers on them shortly.

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