The Advice Fairy

by BazookaGuy

In a town, almost everyone has problems that need helping. So be an Advice Fairy: a fairy who, well, gives advice!

Note: This is the full game but i might improve it later on.

6 thoughts on “The Advice Fairy”

  1. Hiya!
    This is a great game! I found the guy who wanted to eat the other guy’s hair pretty funny. 🙂 I like the concept for this! It seems a little bit unfinished, but I think it’s a great start! I look forward to other games you have to make!

  2. The guy who tried to eat the boxer’s mohawk. Beautiful. But, uh, I’d like to see it improved and finished. Are you going to do anything more?

    • Hey,
      While this game IS finished, I will try to improve on The Advice Fairy. I did make it longer but RPG Playground crashed and I forgot to save… Expect to see improvement soon! (I AM working on a new game so it might be a while)


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