Christmas is early this year!

A few days ago I wanted to take a little break from programming .

As I was browsing some local files, I stumbled upon a tileset I saved a long time ago. But I never really got to add it to RPG Playground. It is from from First Seed Material (also called REFMAP).

Some RPG Playground users are making really nice levels. I mean extremely beautiful levels! But it seems that there is only a limited set of buildings to create. No more! I will provide you with the next batch of nice graphics.

It has a ton of new content, so I can’t wait to see to what new heights you will take your levels.

So, go crazy! It’s online! Select the tileset dropdown, and look for “REFMAP …”.

It has a total of 9 new tilesets:

  1. Indoor, to make the inside of your houses cozy and nice.
  2. Outdoor, for decorating your gardens
  3. Dungeon, for your evil, creepy stuff that scares the hell out of your players
  4. Ground (2x), so you have different things to step on
  5. Buildings, because having 16 different house styles is really what you want in a game.
  6. House, to add windows and roofs on your buildings
  7. Walls (2x), for adding rocks, stones, and human built edges

So why are you still here on this page? Go Go GO!!!