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Make your own educational games!

Lots of teachers and students are making their own educational games with RPG Playground. Here is a video that gives some nice examples, and shows you how you can make your own custom games


Change character appearance – Release 0.47

So, you want to make a role playing game where the player can select their own character. Or you want to create a story where a witch turns the hero in to chicken? Well, then watch this video, because I’ll show you how easy it is to do this.


Custom Actor Behaviors – Release 0.46

Hello everyone, I released some very cool new features! You can now customize the behavior of your characters.

You can let people walk around, fight along with you, talk to monsters, etc.

All this functionality is not yet added to the screenplays. So you cannot enable and disable behaviors in screenplays. But don’t worry, this is the next thing that I’m working on.


Basic editing on mobile – Release 0.45

Some time ago, I gave a preview of making RPG’s on your mobile phone. But because it wasn’t finished, I only released playing games on mobile, not making.

But a lot of people kept asking me when the editing would be finished.

The problem is, for a full mobile version, I still need to implement text input, and a proper touch interface. Now we have scrollbars, but actually you want to swipe things. And also, the buttons might be too small for finger input. But the most important part is, there is no virtual keyboard.

Since that is still lot of work, I wanted to implement some other features first before I put effort into mobile.

But then on our Discord, one of our users called ‘RPG Maker’, suggest to just release it as is, without the text input. Since you can always go to the desktop version to finish text dialogues etc.

So yeah, why not? So I fixed a few issues that the mobile still had, like some dialogs that were too big for the screen.

So with this 0.45 release we now support basic editing. But as said before, for text input, you will need to switch to the desktop version.

So test it out on your mobile device by going to


55 new NPC’s – Release 0.43

The latest version of RPG Playground is released, which includes:

  • 55 new human characters
  • Hero can become any character, including animals and monsters
  • Fullscreen mode support

And if our YouTube channel reaches 350 subscribers, 5 extra characters are added!!! So make sure to subscribe now!


Go to fullscreen in edit mode

I just released a tiny update which includes a fullscreen button! Click the menu button and you will find it right under the “Restart Game” button.

This feature was requested many times since it’s easier to work on your level when you have a huge overview. I hope you like it! 🙂


Fullscreen Hack

Do you want a fullscreen option in RPG Playgound? Well, there is currently a hack that you can apply to achieve this, as explained in the video below. If you don’t like videos, follow the instructions below the video.

  1. Go and edit your game.
  2. Anywhere on the web page, right click and select ‘Inspect’ from the dropdown. This will open the browser developer tools.
  3. Select the ‘console’ tab inside this new panel
  4. Paste the following text in that console, and press enter: document.getElementById('khanvas').requestFullscreen()
  5. Your game is now in fullscreen mode, press the ‘ESC’ key to exit the fullscreen mode

Soon I will add a fullscreen mode inside RPG Playground again, but in the meantime you can use this hack.

That is all!