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    i am a guy seeking for a tool making my own simple rpg…an now i found one!
    This Playground is perfect… But….3 things are not available to be absolutely PERFECT!

    1. Leveling because of XP batteling Monsters
    2. Go to new areas throw doors or stairways
    3. Inventory like Armor equipment, heal potions and mana potions (for at least one spezial attack)

    If you could add this….it would be absolutely the simplest (positiv) and greatest tool I have ever seen im my searches since 2011.

    Sorry for my poor english. I am from Germany….you maybe too?


    Rpgplayground is still under development, but there are a few things you can do to satisfy 1 and 2.

    2. You can go to other rooms by placing a door from under the actors tab. Place it, then click on the cog tab, and then click back on the door. From here, you will be able to choose what room you want to go to.

    3. You can do this, but it might be a little tricky. For inventory items, it is speech-based. For example, if you eant them to use a sword, you’ll have to use tokens. To do this, simply place a character you’d like to fight. You may also want to place an invisible actor, maybe call it “sign”. For now, let’s name the fight character “Bad” for simplicity’s sake. It would look something like this.

    Bad says “Huh? What’re you lookin’ at, punk?!”
    hero says “You, ugly.”
    Bad says “Them fighting words? You asked for it! Take this sword and fight me!”
    Sign says “hero received “Sword”!”
    hero receives token “Sword”
    Sign says “hero used “Sword”!”
    Sign says “It was super effective! +10 damage!”
    Sign says “Bad fainted.”
    Bad says “Argh!”
    Sign says “You won!”

    1. I wouldn’t try this until you get comfortable, but if you want I can share what I do, but even I haven’t actually perfected it.

    Okay, here goes. This is an example using lots of dialogue.

    Leveling in RPGayground
    First, have a reason WHY you’re leveling up. Is it to gain access to another room? To defeat an enemy? Let’s say that it’s to defeat an enemy.

    Second, decide who that enemy is. Let’s say it’s the boss of a temple. We’ll call him Nugget.

    Third, when you place Nugget down, make his dialogue like this.

    if hero lacks token “Level3”
    Nugget says “What a weak human! Begone!”
    if hero has token “level3”
    Nugget says “Ah, a worthy opponent. Come at me, mortal!”
    Sign says “hero uses “Sword”!”
    Sign says “It cuts right through Nugget’s defenses!”
    Sign says “Nugget faints.”

    Fourth, now this is the tricky part. Now, place each enemy you want down. These will be giving your hero the points it needs to level up. Pay careful attention.

    Each enemy is goint to have a similar dialogue. You can change the numbers if you want. For this, we are going to use two points per level.

    So, it will look something like this. We’ll call them “Monsters.”

    The important thing to note is that each should have a unique name to ensure that the player doesnt just keep hitting the same one and getting points.


    if hero has token “Monster1”
    hero says “He’s already dead…”
    if hero lacks token “level1”
    if hero lacks token “level1.1”
    Sign says “hero uses “Sword!”
    Sign says “Momster faints!”
    Sign says “hero received 1 XP!”
    hero receives token “Level1.1”
    hero receives token “Monster1”
    if hero has token “level1.1”

    Sign says “hero used “Sword””
    Sign says “Momster fainted! Hero gains 1 XP!”
    hero reveives token “Level1.2”
    hero receives token “Monster1”

    It’s kind of hard to explain, so if this is something you would like to learn, I might post an example fame that you can look at if you’d like. Again, you should get comfortable with the fundementals of the dialogue before you try this. Koonsolo has a whole guidebook for it, so check that out, too.

    Hope this helped :^)


    ^I did that on my phone so the format is wrong, but the idea is still there. It’s just missing the correct spaces. It should be four spaces under each condition. For example,

    if hero has token “Example”
    (4spaces) hero says “Blah blah blah.”


    if hero has token “mom”
    (four spaces) if hero has token “Dad”
    (8 spaces) if hero has token “Sister”
    (12 spaces) if hero has token “Brother”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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