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    Hey, I made a scenery with a mountain and wanted to add some bridges… But the character just won’t walk over them! It works on the ground but not if it’s layerd on top.

    Is there any way to solve this?


    If you send me the link, I can fix it for you 🙂

    Bridges can’t go through mountains, as the player cannot walk on those kinds of sprites. Other wise it would get really weird. It’s hard to explain, but if you send me the link i can fix it and show you that way.


    Here is the link: My Game

    You have to klick on “HillArea” in the Map Menu! But I currrently don’t use that Map in the game and the area is not finished yet… I will use that map in the future though…


    Okay, here’s the fixed version:

    The Game

    Just save this oer your file (Well, save it as another one first to check and make sure it’s okay and THEN save it over yours.) I also fixed the ladders for you

    Some notes:
    ~The first level is flipping hot, yo; that’s nice designing skills.
    ~So, the issue was that you put a lot of the mountain sprites down, but then covered them up with grass. It doesn’t work that way. You have to actually delete them, otherwise the player will still register it and be unable to pass.
    ~Another issue you were having was placing ladders and bridges OVER the sprites. It doesn’t work like that either for the same reason.

    How I fixed it:
    I deleted the mountains and just placed the bridges over the default ground. Then I placed the mountain sprites AROUND the bridge, but not where it would interfere with the player (AKA, WALKING on the texture). For the ladders, I also added the cobblestone tiles under “Ground” to make it LOOK like the player was climbing over the mountain, but it was actually just like walking straight across.

    Check out the other games on here, and you can see a lot of useful tricks. I learned this one from the default game!

    Hope I helped 🙂


    Okay I saved it and it works!
    Now I know where I made the mistake… :S

    I’ll look into some other projects first if I’ve got another question!

    Thanks for the advise! This really helped… ^.^

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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