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    shay slay

    I’m happy to kick this off, thanks Koen 🙂

    This game challenge will be a bit like the last one, but I’ve added a couple stipulations to kind of make it ‘harder’, but also to test how you can incorporate the same elements into different games.

    Rules //

    • The title of your game is “The Curious Case of Lierra”.
    • You must have at least 1 village scene with a minimum of 4 houses.
    • You must have at least 1 plant that tells you something important.
    • You must include a scene where an NPC moves (across the room).
    • There is a three-week deadline! Today is August the 4th. So all finished projects must be in by August the 25th! Like before, if you want to post before the due date, by all means, do. If you want to keep your entry a secret until it’s due, then more power to you!
    • If entering, I think it would be cool if all entrants played at least a scene or two from the other the entries. We’re all gonna work hard, so we may as well see the other interpretations out there!
    • As before, no one wins and no one loses. The point is to build beautiful levels and become better at what we do!


    Some things to think about if you’re feeling a little stuck or overwhelmed :

    Who, or what, is Lierra to you? Is it the name of the land? The name of a woman who is missing? The name of your protagonist? A special weapon? Just because it sounds like a girl’s name does not mean that it has to be a girl’s name. Lierra can be whatever (or whoever) you create it to be!


    • To enter this contest, please reply to this topic so that people know you are joining.
    • Before the deadline, share your game on the ‘Show Your Game’ forum and reply here with a link to your shared game!


    I’m a very weird person, therefore this challenge is weird. I hope you enjoy it and have fun creating your levels!




    / The Dungeon Master




    I’m excited to see what everyone can come up with! 🙂


    Hey cool! I’ll be joining! 😀

    shay slay

    Perfect! I’ll start a list and put ya on it 🙂


    I’m joining the challenge!

    EBMCGames/The Dungeon Master


    Here’s the link to mine: https://rpgplayground.com/the-game/?prj=5b6c86ae69565e000436f378

    shay slay

    @EBMCGames awesome, I’ll add your name to the list!




    Hey Shae, I’ll also join the contest if I may 😀

    (But I don’t know if I’ll be ready in two weeks… It’ve started a larger project than for the last chellange!)

    shay slay

    @Aura Of course! Glad to have you! And no worries, ‘official deadline’ really means that a new contest can begin after August 25th. I’ll add you to the list 🙂


    Here’s the link to my game: The Curious Case of Lierra – by Aura

    I didn’t finish it yet and I didn’t come as far as I wanted to in 3 weeks, but I think it’s a nice first Beta (Or Alpha).

    Edit: I think Alpha isn’t fitting here, It is quite much after all, only not as much as I wanted to come. But that is because I wanted to make the following maps a lot darker… and with a light cone maybe? And I need options, character deleting, sound effects (like a scream) etc. … Without all that, it won’t have the atmosphere I wanted it to have…!

    Nevertheless, I hope you like it, and enjoy ~~

    shay slay

    The Curious Case of Lierra

    ^^ Not sure how ya’ll can just post links, mine always turns into the game lol I apologize!

    Whew! Who knew a mini-game would take so long to make? The play time is so short, and it’s kinda lame, but I did it! lol


    Thank you for your participation, you guys! I’ll be sure to check out and play all games as soon as I can!


    Here’s my game: The Curious Case of Lierra- EBMCGames

    Hope you enjoy. It’s set in the Wild West.


    @shaethemiss You can post a link by using the link button in the chat window (the button with the chain)! Just insert your link and there you are ;D

    And @EBMCGames : I like it so far! Especially that you named the hero McFly! Back to the Future! ;P


    I adapted the link in @shaethemiss’es post. Best thing is to just link to the forum page of your game. The game ID was missing a few letters, that’s why it wouldn’t load. But it is fine now. Definitely worth playing!!!! 🙂

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