Fullscreen Hack

Do you want a fullscreen option in RPG Playgound? Well, there is currently a hack that you can apply to achieve this, as explained in the video below. If you don’t like videos, follow the instructions below the video.

  1. Go and edit your game.
  2. Anywhere on the web page, right click and select ‘Inspect’ from the dropdown. This will open the browser developer tools.
  3. Select the ‘console’ tab inside this new panel
  4. Paste the following text in that console, and press enter: document.getElementById('khanvas').requestFullscreen()
  5. Your game is now in fullscreen mode, press the ‘ESC’ key to exit the fullscreen mode

Soon I will add a fullscreen mode inside RPG Playground again, but in the meantime you can use this hack.

That is all!