Alex and the Haunted Mansion

Published 23.01.2022 09:01

by RetroGuy23

Total plays: 891

You play as Alex. A boy around the age of 9 years old. One day, Alex discovers a haunted mansion that hasn't been used for almost a century. Later you discover that a murder occurred in the mansion. But who was murdered? And who did it? And why? That's for you to find out. *************** [OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE IS NOW VIEWABLE ON RPG PLAYGROUND!] The guide is now viewable on the RPG Playground Discord Server in the forums!

  • Lemm

    Y_O W_L_DI_! (I didn’t listen to the warnings and found the Darkness, lol.) And consequently, I’m going to have to reload and play again! 🙂 Also, here are some small things I noticed on my first run:

    – Book Boy’d Father’s dialogue is missing a period
    – Jailer’s dialogue is missing a period
    – in bar, ‘banana’ in Green-haired Guy’s dialogue is misspelled
    – worker in kitchen, ‘different job’ is misspelled

    In many places, it’s possible to escape the map by going through trees – to bypass the barrel barricade, for instance

    Cool unintentional things I learned:
    – You can stand on the bottom part of the treasure chest from the Inquisitor Indoor Poor tile set
    – You can walk through a ‘colonnade’ of tree trunks

    • Lemm

      More Typos:
      – ‘Traveler’s clothing store is closed. Reason: got the flu.’
      – ‘Bob’s Meat is closed. Reason: Went to Hawaii for vacation.’
      – ‘You’re in the darkness, the place where sadness, fear, loneliness, and misery begin.’
      – ‘Welcome to the Darkness. You’ll be here for all eternity.’
      – ‘Here lies Smallville’s founder:’
      – ‘But is it dangerous? (Most likely not.)’
      – ‘medieval citizen’
      – ‘I guess they didn’t have toilets back then.’
      – ‘I’m getting a little tired.’
      – ‘an Angel blue color.’

      Love the light effects on the dead forest, and the ‘vote for me’ article from the mansion’s owner. When then Door Out disappeared – spooky. Also, I enjoyed this lad’s proper love of books. I found Lily, is that the end of the game?

    • RetroGuy23

      I might need some help with ghosts/monsters for the game. For example, this part of the game is inspired by a section of a comic I made for a series of comics called “Krazy Rabbit and Friends!”, it was Halloween special. In the comic, a character named “Elfing Duck” goes into a room in a haunted house. He sees darkness. The only thing he sees is a naked, humanoid figure. the creature turns around and kills and eats Elfing! I was just thinking about that for the game. But I can’t find an NPC/AI that matches what I want. So I might need your help.

      • Lemm

        Hm, off the top of my head, I can think of two compromises. You could have the room go dark, and then *narrate* there being a naked figure in the darkness, without ever actually seeing it. Or you could use one of the ‘animal-humanoids’ at the bottom of the humanoid NPC list, some of which aren’t wearing clothing. A red-eyed bunny, for instance, can be made creepy with the right set-up.

  • Fedorakid

    So I’m playing the game to get a little bit of an idea of the story to try and help you and I don’t know if this was a misspelled thing but in the office when you look in the chest it says “You found a key!” Then Alex says “Sweat!” Or did you mean to put “Sweet!”?