Published 06.01.2021 08:01

by Pokefan

Total plays: 1429

(An update in celebration of 1000 plays is out NOW.) You find yourself in a place you do not recognize, you have no recollection of anything. As you traverse the kingdom, you slay monsters and discover the truth about yourself as well as those involved with you. Your memory returns over time but will you be ready to face your destiny? (Estimated time to finish playing through: 2 hours and yes that colon in the title is intentional)

  • azure

    Hi, I just finished the game and I really like it! so far this game has the most complex story I have ever played. The characters are well written and the story itself is just awesome 😀

    • Pokefan

      Heya Azure! Thank you for playing and leaving a comment and I’m very glad you enjoyed it! If this is something you liked, I am going to release a new game of similar complexity to its story sometime this weekend. Feel free to have a look at it if you’d like! Also, do let me know if you have any constructive criticism or questions. I want to strive to create better games in the future, as this was my very first after all!

  • Sunoka

    This is honestly the best game I have ever played on RPG Playground. The story and characters are so well thought out and the twist at the end was amazing! This was the first game I ever actually finished on RPG Playground (That was a decent length and had a real story). I found that all the other good games I played were very difficult and I would eventually get stuck. This game had the perfect amount of difficulty and I would sometimes get a little stuck but I was able to figure it out fairly quickly. There were very few mistakes or flaws, and the scenery was beautiful. As for feedback, you could make some of the outdoor levels smaller. I found that they were so big that getting from one place to another would take up a lot of time and it could be a little confusing and I would get lost. Other than that, this is an exceptional game! Five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    • Pokefan

      Heya Sunoka! Thank you for playing and leaving a comment, it is much appreciated. I am glad that you finished the entire game and enjoyed playing but I am even more grateful for the feedback, as I wish to continue making games here and improve at making them. This is especially valuable feedback, seeing as this was my first game, thank you for that. I noticed the size being a little much in parts myself but I wanted to leave the game as it is simply because it was my first. The size is still something I am figuring out to this day, even while working on my third game, but I will surely improve in time!

      • Sunoka

        I don’t know if you know, but you can change the size of levels to your liking by clicking on on the settings of a level and click on the little arrow things by wear it has a measurement (example: 40×60) to expand or decrease the width and height of any level. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant by “The size is still something I am figuring out to this day”, but if you didn’t know that already, hope this helps!

        • Pokefan

          I did see that but haven’t given it much thought. I did use that a bit in the game I’m currently developing but I should probably use it more to familiarize myself with it, it seems useful. I was more so referring to the scale of things but that is a good point, thank you for mentioning that!

    • Pokefan

      Hello and thank you for the comment, it’s greatly appreciated! But it might not have ended up this big if you hadn’t helped me recover it after the save corrupted, if you recall, so I would like to thank you for that as well. I hope to continue making games of roughly this size in the future, have a great day!

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