Basic editing on mobile – Release 0.45

Some time ago, I gave a preview of making RPG’s on your mobile phone. But because it wasn’t finished, I only released playing games on mobile, not making.

But a lot of people kept asking me when the editing would be finished.

The problem is, for a full mobile version, I still need to implement text input, and a proper touch interface. Now we have scrollbars, but actually you want to swipe things. And also, the buttons might be too small for finger input. But the most important part is, there is no virtual keyboard.

Since that is still lot of work, I wanted to implement some other features first before I put effort into mobile.

But then on our Discord, one of our users called ‘RPG Maker’, suggest to just release it as is, without the text input. Since you can always go to the desktop version to finish text dialogues etc.

So yeah, why not? So I fixed a few issues that the mobile still had, like some dialogs that were too big for the screen.

So with this 0.45 release we now support basic editing. But as said before, for text input, you will need to switch to the desktop version.

So test it out on your mobile device by going to