Fight Scenes


A lot of our members of our community want to be able to hold fight scenes. So naturally, fighting, or “battles,” are important to include in your game. Unfortunately, RPG Playground does not have any sort of fighting function yet, and that discourages a lot of people who want to make a game. While we hope that one day we won’t have to find roundabout ways to include this, it still is possible for at least one fight scene.

A few quick notes, though. This method is heavy in the scripting department, and takes a lot of play testing to guarantee it is the way you want it. Also, none of the NPCs can move or “die,” which causes issues if they are blocking the path. My advice is to make one final boss, which can only be defeated if the character has the right equipment.


mom says “Take this dagger – you’ll need it to protect yourself in the woods!”

invisible-actor says “You received a +1 dagger!”

hero receives token “dagger1”

This is a really simple way to have your character receive a weapon or armor. An invisible actor can always be used to tell the player that they had gained or lost something, so it is something that will appear often in these scripts. As the character gains a stronger weapon, make the “stat bonus” higher, regardless of the weapon. A quick note is to not make two different weapons with the same stat boost.


if hero lacks token “longsword2”

    invisible-actor says “You open the chest and get… a +3 Shield and a +2 Long-sword!”

    invisible-actor says “Unfortunately, you cannot carry more than one weapon. You lost all other weapons and/or armor.”

    hero loses token “dagger1”

    hero loses token [list all other weapons and armor that they might have acquired.]

    hero receives token “longsword2”

    hero receives token “shield3”


    invisible-actor says “The chest is empty.”

Of course, there are a few problems with this. First of all, if the hero goes to another chest, loses his new Longsword, he can come back and re-use the chest. For the ambitious people out there, the quick fix is to make another if/else statement resulting in more tokens. Once again, this is just the “Easy” way of doing this. If any of you would like me to describe how to fix any of the problems with the script I describe, just leave a comment below.


boss says “Fight me!”

hero says “Bring it on!”

    if hero has token “axe10”

        if hero has token “armor5”

            invisible-actor says “You fight! He swings his sword, but you dodge easily. You swing at him with your ax, cutting him in the shoulder! He strikes back, but his blow bounces off of your armor! [Etc…]”

            invisible-actor says “You defeated the boss! You gain 100 gp and can move on to the next level!”


            hero says “If that sword strikes me, I’ll die. Maybe I should grab some armor first…”


        invisible-actor says “You fight! He points at you with his finger and shoves you aside quickly, and you fall in embarrassment. ‘You are unworthy,’ he says.”

Here, we use a more complicated if/else statement. The more factors, and the more descriptive you get, the better the fight scene will be. Unfortunately, you cannot give the player a choice of what to fight with, or what moves to use. You can use tokens, however, to give the player a choice of the character’s preferred moves. This, of course, takes a lot of effort on your part to create a scenario for every ability.

In addition, you can use a token to give the character actual (token) currency, which may be used later. I also recommend creating a token for defeating the boss. This way, when the character moves forward in the game, he cannot act in the next level unless he has that token.

There are many other things you can add to your fight scene, making it into a better game. If you have any suggestions for another post, another piece of script, or anything else – leave a comment! I’ll try my best to clear everything up!

    • Chris W.

      I have a dumb question, did you place the invisible actor? It looks like a sign post basically… You can place it anywhere and it has a name, which you should use instead of the words ‘Invisible Actor’. Remember, to check on the name, you simply click on the token and look at the interface.

      If you have done all this already, I apologize for the little spiel. Try another server, use Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome or vice versa, try it on a different device, etc. And of course, if you still need help, send a link of your game and we will take a look!

      Cheers- Chris