Interview with Aura

A painting by Aura

The first time when I saw A Lill’ girls Tale by Aura, I was amazed by how beautiful the levels are. And her game has to offer even more. A nice story, and some real game puzzles. You definitely need to check out her game. But first, an interview…

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How old you are, where you live, how you spend your days, etc?

I am 24 years old. I’m living in Germany and I love to paint, write, sing also. So currently my art is what I’m living of…

What inspired you to make your own game “A Lill’ girls Tale”?

Well, the original idea for “A Lill’ girls Tale” was that I wanted to create a game with a stunning and beautiful nature (at least for the first part of the game). The idea of Lill and the orphanage was inspired by an idea of an earlier game of mine, which I never put into practice…! Though the important part about Lill’s Tale hasn’t even fully begun, I wanted to create a game where you can walk around freely in an appealing environment while searching for clues that will lead to further progress in the story.

I’m very interested in game making, since I already tried to create a few games with another engine, but never really published any game yet… I hope I will be able to continue working on “A Lill’ Girls Tale” anytime soon and for that sake, I would be delighted to see this community grow and flourish! While I want to make my game as enjoyable as I can, I need to say, there is still much of work to do…

As for the future of my game: Lills tale will continue in another world, where she will encounter many situations, she never would have thought of…! I like these kind of interesting twists in a story, that make the player want know more about the background of the story and the characters. I’m not sure, when I’m able to release the next part, because that’s also related to the progress of the engine also… Even so, I’m very proud of being part of this (growing) community…  To success, everyone!

Your game has the most gorgeous maps I have seen on RPG Playground. So it doesn’t surprise me that you paint and used another engine before. Do you have any tips or tricks for someone just starting out?

Well, all in all, there are two things to remember: Learning by doing – and never give up! Everyone, who does Game-Development knows this: There are always many bugs, system-errors also. But what ever obstacles you might face: There’s always some useful platform named ‘YouTube’!

So when I got stuck and didn’t know, how to get past that problem and just got crazy because that ***** gameclient always crashes or doesn’t even work to begin with… I always searched for a tutorial video or just asked around in a forum…! One can never finish one’s training!

As for the story of your game:

  1. Just keep the common thread
  2. Make your characters as ‘characteristic’ as possible
  3. Before starting to create a game: first think of the whole storyline you want to create and then imagine the scene, you want to create (e.g. The starting Scene, the first encounter of your main character with other Characters also.)!

Believe me: Planning and preparation is one of the most important basics for a good game! Of course, graphics are important too… But I don’t really have an advice for that… I guess everyone should build their game world to their preferences!

So there’s only one thing left to say: Good luck creating your games and love your game – cause then the players will love it too! 😉

Since RPG Playground is still under development, what features would you like to see added first?

A Battle System would be great; also to be able to add/insert your own tilesets and music…

I suppose the option to copy and paste maps and events would be helpful too… And adding choices will surely come in handy!

There are probably more features that might be useful, but that’s all that comes to my mind right now…

A painting by Aura

So what can we expect from “A Lill’ girls Tale” when RPG Playground would support all the features of your dreams?

Well, without anticipating too much: There will be more puzzles, battles and story-progresses… Lill will meet persons of her (forgotten) past, new friends – but also foes! She will discover her true destiny while exploring this exciting World, that’s new to her – And maybe I’ll even add different endings… 😉

That sounds very promising! Thank you for the interview Aura.