New community features

Hi everyone!

I just released a huge change on the RPG Playground website. Games are now fully integrated into the website, which means you can search games, like them, comment on them, etc.

This functionality was started inside RPG Playground itself, with the lobby that lists the games. But I decided to move this to the website, since I can get some functionality (almost) for free, like comments, game have their own web page, following people, listing their games, a news feed, etc.

The work on this was mainly done by someone I hired, which also frees up my time to work on RPG Playground itself (so expect some cool updates soon :)).

Remark that I had to convert all project metadata (such as title and description) from the RPG Playground server to the website, so if you see anything that went wrong on one of your games, please let me know! I was surprised how many games there are in total: 15446!!! This includes both shared and private games. The shared games you will have to count for yourself on the website ;).

Next up is the mobile version, which is as good as finished. I wanted to roll out this release first before I do the mobile. But that will be cool because then you browse games on mobile, play them and give feedback. I’m really excited about this, and I hope you are too.

Have fun on the website!