Always use the website login

The user login system of RPG Playground is totally reworked, and now the website login is used for everything.

Previously it was sometimes confusing that the website is using a different user login system than RPG Playground itself. That has changed now!

The real reason of this change is that we are working on extra community features. The website will become more important in sharing, commenting and playing games. You will be able to comment on games the same way as you can comment on blog posts.

The impact on your account

To access your projects, you need to have the same login email on the website as you had at RPG Playground. If this is an issue for you (maybe you don’t have access to an email account anymore), please email me at so I can move your projects to a new email address.

I surely hope this doesn’t give too much panic and problems, but rest assured that all your projects are safe, and I can always give you access to them again if something goes wrong.