Release 0.32: Enemies attack

The new release of RPG Playground is online, containing a first raw version of combat. Currently all enemies will attack you, and they can be killed.

  1. You can kill enemies by swinging your sword with the SPACEBAR, ‘C’ or CTRL key.
  2. Enemies will attack you.
  3. Your hero can get hurt, but cannot die yet.

When an enemy dies, it will disappear. But in edit mode it appears again so you can edit the properties. Restart your game when you want to make them alive again.

Next up:

  1. Your hero has health with a visual health meter
  2. Your hero can die and the game will then be restarted
  3. Your hero can pick up health potions

After that I will add sounds and make the overall experience way better.

The share dialog also changed: Now you can use our web page to post your game to the forum. After that I will put it on the play page.

So go over to and test out some enemy combat!