Release 0.38: Better screenplay wizard

The RPG Playground team brings you another cool update! This time, the screenplay wizard is extended, so it’s first of all easier to use, and secondly, includes all advanced actions in an easy to use manner. It also includes some extra explanation for each action.

There are some other improvements too, such as the weird coordinate system for walking (which was relative to the actor position), is now an absolute position on the tilemap. The action now uses Actor walks towards … instead of Actor walks to …

Next to that, the selection of Actors has become more user friendly. In most modes, you can just click on an Actor and it will take you to the properties. The cursor will also give an indication that you can click on the actor. All ways to make your experience more user friendly.

So go on, try the new version at, and start building your story with the easy & advanced screenplays!

Kind regards,