Release 0.18: Screenplay tokens

The new RPG Playground release is ready! This time you can extend your screenplays with tokens. This probably doesn’t mean much to you, but let me explain. You hero can receive tokens, and at another time you can check if the hero has some token. For example, a conversation can change the second time you talk to an NPC:

if hero lacks token "knows lisa"
    lisa says "Hi there, you must be new in town. My name is Lisa"
    hero says "Nice to meet you! I'm Bart"
    hero receives token "knows lisa"
    lisa says "Nice to see you again Bart!"

So the first time the hero will not have a “knows lisa” token, and so the first block is run. The second time the conversation starts, the hero will have the “knows lisa” token because the ‘hero receives token “knows lisa”‘ ran the first time. Therefore the block after the else will run the second time and times after that.


I hope this all makes sense, and if not, please let me know!

Another example where tokens are useful is when the hero receives an item. Real items such as weapons, potions, equipment etc are not supported yet, but for now you can simulate that functionality with tokens. Look at the following screenplay:

ranger says "The king lost his crown while hunting, can you return it?"
hero says "Sure, I'm on my way to the castle anyway."
hero receives token "kings crown"

Then at the castle, a guard might have the following screenplay

if hero has token "kings crown"
    guard says "I see you found the crown of our king! Go inside and claim your reward"
    hero says "Thanks!"
    guard says "What's your business here? You can't enter the castle!

Unfortunately there is no action yet to move the guard out of the way, but that’s the next thing I’m working on.

One more thing: when you are play-testing, you might want to clear all hero tokens to retest all your screenplays. One way to do this would be to restart or reload your entire game, but that might be cumbersome. The easiest way is to go to properties and select the hero. At the bottom of the properties, you see Tokens and next to it a restart button. Click the restart button and all tokens will be cleared.


More info and details on all this token stuff can be found in the RPG Playground manual. And of course, you can already use this in your own games at

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