Release 0.19.0: Invisible actors

Yesterday I got a new comment on my how to make role playing games video for RPG Playground, which asked for a way to ‘talk’ to signs, so the hero knows which way to go.

I’ve been thinking about this before, because certain tiles just beg for interaction. Just take a look at the picture below for some examples:

Various interactive object tiles
Various interactive object tiles

The solution is actually not that difficult. I introduced an invisible actor, that is just like any other NPC, but is not displayed inside the game. When opening the edit project pane however, it will become visible.

Juobjects01st open the edit project pane and go to actors, then open the ‘doors’ list (which is actually an ‘objects’ list). You can select the invisible actor at the end (this actor looks like the picture on the left).  You place this actor on top of the tile, and then you can ‘talk’ to the tile. Adapt its screenplay for custom behavior.

I also created a tutorial video for this, so in case it’s not clear yet, just play the video. (or play the video in case you want to laugh with my crazy English accent ;)).

As I said at the start, this feature was requested yesterday. I immediately put this at the top of my priority list, and 1 day later the new features is ready! I’m going to pat myself on the back for this :). I can’t promise this for all features requests of course, but some things are already implemented in my head, so if you need them, I can quickly change priorities. You just have to let me know of course.

Which reminds me, what do you prefer that I do first: combat with monsters or more screenplay actions?


0 thoughts on “Release 0.19.0: Invisible actors

    • Unfortunately this is a feature that still needs to be implemented, and it won’t be for the near future :(. Are you an artist who draws your own drawn characters? Or would you use other sprites that are available online?

  • Pikachu T. Bolt says:

    I was wondering a bout a few things…
    1. Can you implement a feature that allows you to trigger more than one dialogue?
    Ex. hero: hi
    person: hello here’s a quest
    hero does the quest
    hero: hello i’m done
    person: cool thank you!

    • Try using a token. Once a character finishes a tusk, give him a token. Thus, give the character something else to say. If you need ideas on how to use this, see ‘fight scences’ or view the ‘help’ bar.


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