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Release 0.29: Bugfixes

I uploaded a new version of RPG Playground on the website. It is mainly to fix various bugs:

  • Problems with saving a project with lots of levels
  • Unable to resize a large map
  • Scrolling of levels had some issues
  • Deleting a level went wrong

Remark that I changed a lot of fundamental code, so other bugs might appear. Please let me know if something strange is happening!

One other thing: I removed navigation with the mouse, and so you can only move the hero with the keyboard. But an info dialog will pop up with instructions.


12 thoughts on “Release 0.29: Bugfixes”

  1. Will there be a possibility that you could make an option to set your own sprites? If not, could you make the sprite go into different colors? Thanks pal, u kool. Grove street. :^)

    • Oh yeah, I was going to but I forgot! Wait for it…. implementing… wait for it…. testing … wait for it… uploading …. DONE!

      The new WASD version is online!!! (But the help dialog won’t mention it)


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