Compose your own action game with RPG Playground

In the latest update of RPG Playground, you can include action combat in your game.

Your main hero can wield a sword and fight monsters. Even the toddler knows how to handle this sharp piece of steel. Nobody is “too young” to save the world!

Look at the animation below how easy it is to set up fighting. Drop a few enemies in your world, and your game is ready to go.


Fighting, killing, dying and other combat features are automatically handled by RPG Playground.

If you want to keep your hero alive a bit longer, just drop a few health potions in your levels, to patch up those serious wounds.

Watch the YouTube video that explains everything in detail.

The new combat features are optional in your games. If you want to focus solely on story based games, you can disable this functionality.

Existing games are upgraded to the latest version, but the combat will be disabled by default. Do you want to have combat in your old game? No problem, just click on 2 switches in your hero properties to enable health and the sword. Yes, it’s that easy.

Various enemies will fight your hero, including filthy slimes, nasty bats, or bigger monsters such as scary demons.


What are you waiting for? RPG Playground has free early-access, so try it at

Seriously, stop reading this and try it! 🙂