Help us build the official tutorial game!

New users of RPG Playground are greeted with an empty level. If they want, they can first see a YouTube tutorial video. But afterwards, they end up in this empty project.

However, FierceLiger03 gave me this great idea to start inside a tutorial game. A new user could:

  1. learn how to use RPG Playground by following the adventure, in a fun and easy way.
  2. get an instant glimpse of the cool stuff you can do in RPG Playground.

Therefore, I now want RPG Playground to start with such a tutorial game, to help new users get started.

I could make this myself. But a lot of you have way better level design and storytelling skill than me. So I thought about organizing a competition for this :).

Since a full tutorial is a really big project, I want it to be built as an Exquisite Corpse (thanks EBMCGames / The Dungeon Master for this idea :)), where each small part will be a separate competition. This means that I will:

  1. First do a competition for the 1st part of the tutorial.
  2. A winner will be selected.
  3. This small tutorial will end up at the start of RPG Playground, and every new user can follow it.
  4. A second competition will be done to extend the tutorial, based on the winning entry of the previous competition.

This way we can already have something in the short run, and create a really cool tutorial in the long run.

Some things to consider about this tutorial:

  1. Don’t give the player too much freedom. Make it a guided tour where you don’t get lost.
  2. Start really easy, with the most basic thing possible. Screenplay actions are already really advanced, and should be in later tutorial levels.
  3. Show some cool RPG Playground features early on, so that new users are excited to make their own game.

So without further ado, here is the first contest to make the tutorial game: The winning tutorial will get played by every new RPG Playground user!