Interview with BazookaGuy

BazookaGuy is creating games by the minute: The Advice Fairy, The Richest Man Alive, Gamer and George The Gifted were all created in a short amount of time. So let’s find out more about him.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How old you are, where you live, how you spend your days, etc?

I’m currently 11 years old, I live in Dagenham, UK and when I’m not in school, I’m either working on a new game, watching YouTube videos or making ‘Beats’.

Are you watching any YouTube video’s related to making games?

Yes, At one point I got bored of making beats almost every day, so I wanted to make my very own game. I would REALLY like making one as I play a lot of games. Whether it’s on DSi, Phone, Computer or laptop, I play a lot.

Which games do you like the most, and which games inspired you to make your own?

So, my favourite game is Undertale by Toby Fox and the Pokémon series by GameFreak. Those were also the games that inspired me to make my own.

How did you find out about RPG Playground, and why did you choose it to make your games?

So i was trying to find a game making programme that was easy to make games on and free. My brother was looking aswell and he found RPG Playground. I kind of just found the website because of him.

So what do you like the most about RPG Playground, and what is still missing?

I really like how it is easy to make anyone can do it! I would really like a combat feature, choices throughout the game and custom sprites.

Custom sprite? Does this mean you would like do draw your own graphics and use them in your games? Or would you use freely available graphics?

Well, both of them would be nice but i would prefer to download custom sprites of the internet.

Thanks for the interview Baz! And we are all looking forward to see more of your projects.