Interview with Prodphage

When you gave your first interview on RPG Playground, you were 11 years old. What has changed in your life since then?

Actually, i was 12, and what has changed is i was going through a phase where i thought i was just being ignored all the time and had massive paranoia, and it hasn’t really gone away yet if i’m being honest, but it’s gotten better

When you first started out with RPG Playground, you made a massive amount of new games. Are you currently still working on a game?

Yes, actually! Since my break from RPG Playground, a lot of new stuff has been added, and for 1 of my new games the code has gotten confusing, making buildings is still an issue for me but right now i’m working on 2 big games, they’re really good and long unlike my other games

So what did you learn from your first games that you can now apply in these 2 bigger games?

Tokens mainly, but also the teleport function. I’m ao way better at setting the plot now

Can you give a short introduction to your new games, to get people excited?

Of course!

Runaway Bride – Play as Linda. You’re about to get married to your husband you’ve been dating for 6 years, Zach, but you can’t do it. Find out the hidden truth about him and discover his past in Runaway Bride

The Tale Of The Demon – Play as the infamous demon Swealop as you go on a quest with many easter eggs, main missions and side missions as you go on a quest to defeat your own corrupt overlord, Fire Bull

Do you share your games with people you know in real life? Or do you like to keep things for the online community only?

I have some friends in real life who know about RPGPlayground but for the post part, I like to keep what I do online for the people online, I’ll only tell some people in real life about my online personality if I really trust them and right now I sort of have some trust issues.

You seem like a creative person, what else do you create besides games?

I run a music youtube channel where i make and upload rap/ hip-hop instrumentals that i make, its called prod. phage

Could that music be used in one of your games, or is the style or mood different?

I could certainly make styles of music for my games, but right now i don’t think the music would fit my games

So what do you miss the most in RPG Playground? What would you want me to improve first?

Improve, i don’t really know. But add, custom sprites like i said last interview

Alright, thanks for the interview Prodphage! And best of success with finishing your new games, I can’t wait to play them!