Interview with Project Glaive

Following the first interview with Cynic-P, Project Glaive was also nice enough to answer some questions. The game Baby Quest: Adventures gives a new perspective on playing as a “hero” (you should definitely check it out!). Next to making games on my RPG Playground platform, he also makes games using other tools, and documents it on the Project Glaive blog.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How old you are, where you live, how you spend your days, etc?

I am 32 years old, I live in the Isle of Man (a small island in the middle of the UK), I spend my days doing my blog at and looking after my 3 children.

What inspired you to make your own game “Baby Quest: Adventures”?

One of the things that I love doing is creating games as I have lots of ideas, however I am not very experienced with programming . I search for easy game creating software and give it a try and feature it on my blog.

This is the link for the Baby Quest Adventures article I did.

I found RPG Playground after searching for a good RPG creator because RPGs are my favourite kind of game genre. After spending a few minutes looking at the video tutorials, I found it was quite an easy engine to learn and create with.

I made Baby Quest Adventures with the main focus on building small scenes with lots of detail in each of them.  The baby was chosen to be the player character because 1: He looked cute, 2: It would make sense to make him a silent protagonist, 3: The NPCs are just sharing their feelings to a crawling baby that passers them by, 4: It seemed more epic for a baby to go on this big adventure.

I didn’t include a plot and I didn’t use the token mechanic within the engine because I just wanted this game to be really simple and be more about exploring this world I created.

Your blog shows that you have a lot of experience with all kinds of game creation tools. What kind of features do you think RPG Playground needs to really set it apart from those other tools?

I have found that RPG Playground is one of the easiest game creators to learn and use, so whatever improvements are made that should stay the same.

  • Music and Sounds
  • Battle systems
  • Statistics (strength, speed, hitpoints , mana etc)
  • Inventory screen
  • Title screen, game over & win screen
  • Add custom sprites, images and sounds (this could be for premium/subscription users only)
  • Walking NPCs
  • Joinable NPCs
  • A pokemon game style creator (collect and build your own army)
  • Build a bigger active community – has this feature where you play other peoples games to earn coins and then you can use those coins to give to other users to play on your game. There could also be a new games created page or a most popular game created page.
  • Put ads on the main pages of the site, or ads before the creator starts, it could help with getting some extra revenue while still having most of the creator features for free.
  • Maybe an Asset Store to download additional sprites/images/sounds etc.

I hope you find any of these ideas useful.

Your ideas are definitely useful! And I think I still have room to make RPG Playground even more user friendly :). One last question: Are your kids old enough to already play the games you make? Do they share your passion of creating games?

My three boys are 11, 8 and 3. Yes they like to play the games I make, especially my 8 year old, and he loves trying out the creators himself.

I get my 11 and 8 year old to test them as I create them to make sure I haven’t made any silly mistakes.

That is nice to hear. A new generation of game developers already lined up :). Thank you very much for this interview, and I wish you the best of success with your blog.  I hope to see more of your games on RPG Playground, especially when some major features are added.

Yes I do hope to make another game on rpgplayground soon.

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