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Welcome to the new website

The old website is gone! It was just a simple one-page website, but it did it’s job. The new website you are looking at now, is made with WordPress. It allows me to have blog posts of its own (instead of using for that), and most important: there now is an official RPG Playground forum!


The forum has a different login that the RPG Playground application, so you will have to register a second time.

I hope you like the new website, and if there is anything wrong, or you have suggestions, feel free to tell me, by using the brand new feedback forum of course!

P.S.: The forum is currently completely empty; 0 posts. I wonder who will be the first to post something… :).




5 thoughts on “Welcome to the new website”

  1. The website looks really good! All these new features is getting me excited for the future of the playground and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I’m still trying to decide how I will introduce myself on the forums and if I want to be the first to post. Hopefully more people will jump on the bandwagon so we can have some creative conversations about the games we want to create and so we can help you find bugs or game errors. As always, keep up the good work Koonsolo! – Spencer H (Wister)


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