The Legend of the 3 Orbs

published 09.10.2016 10:10
by Aura
total plays: 3153

Marian lives - shut off from the outside world - in a little hut with her father. Only company are some sheep and a cat! But Marian doesn't seem to miss a thing (considering the fact that she has no comparison...)! But it shouldn't stay like this! Soon, her true destiny calls for her... And then, she will have to make a tough desicion: Does she accept her fate...? Features: -There are two endings -Trials that will test your endurance, wisdom and luck! -at least 10 min. of Gameplay


42 thoughts on “The Legend of the 3 Orbs”

  1. Cool map, but I can’t play. I think I’m supposed to talk to the dad, but he’s facing towards the table so that I can’t talk to him. But a beautiful map!

  2. The mine/cave labyrinth is the most BS thing I’ve EVER seen. It’s sooooooo confusing and you have no idea where to go, and the janky doorways DO NOT help whatsoever. Otherwise, really good game!

  3. Interesting game! I do have a problem beating it tho, because ALL THE TRAILS ARE RIGGED!
    Come on! The trail of wisdom makes no sense, the trail of heart is just random chance, and the trail of strength is a trap!
    In short, I couldn’t beat any of them, and the fact that you have to restart the game each time you fail just makes it worse.
    The game looks cool tho.

    • After completing two of the trials…
      I don’t have too much of a problem with the Trial of the Heart, however there is an error with the Trial of Wisdom. A simple Google search will tell you that 12 AM is when time is written as 00:00, not 12 PM. (Also, the Trial of Strength is still bogus. If anyone completes it tell me how.)


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