Mortal Invictus (Demo 1.5)

You are Makio Takahashi, a mercenary hired by the Metal Empire to investigate a mysterious jungle that has been having multiple mysterious events happening in it. A long time ago, Mortals and Demons had a 900 Year War, until most of the rulers on both sides got killed. You get pulled into a portal in the jungle, and find yourself in hell. Turns out the portal you used had been used by Mortals to invade Hell once, and you just accidentally reignited a war. (The original Mortal Inviticus was unreleased, but played by some people. This is an attempt to remake it.) There is no leveling up or skills in this game like most RPGs, if you want to have more strength, health etc. You need to find specific items or go through points in the story. The game is also a linear experience, but you can freely explore almost every place you go to, no matter how big it is. There's also a lot of Easter Eggs, so be on the lookout. The game has choices that impact parts of the story, and gameplay. THIS GAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED SLOWLY, NO SKIPPING DIALOGUE, NOT RUSHING THROUGH, ETC. YOU CAN PLAY THE GAME HOWEVER YOU WANT, BUT THERE WILL BE MUCH MORE QUALITY IN THE GAME IF YOU DONT RUSH. The creators of the game would also like to warn you that there is mature themes in the story of the game, including depression, torture, drug abuse, and more. The characters in the game are almost all bad people that commit immoral acts throughout the game. Because of this, the writing team for the game would like to say that the game is not for anyone under the age of 13.

Published 13.09.2023 12:09

by Joelv2

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