Game Design Challenge: The Legend of the 3 Orbs

It seems some of you are running out of ideas for making new games, so I have a proposal: Let’s make a game design challenge! If this is successful, I might repeat such challenges.


  1. The title of you game is “The Legend of the 3 Orbs”.
  2. Your get 3 weeks to finish your game, so the deadline is the 12th of March.
  3. You can keep your game secret until then, or make your development public so you can already receive early feedback.
  4. Starting from the 12th of March, everyone can play each others games and comment on them.
  5. There is no winner. The goal is to become better game designers by practicing your craft, getting feedback from others, and learning from what others did.

If you want to enter this competition, leave a reply at the forum post. I will update this post and list all entrants here:


1. Ponderingpinky

Known from the game Hero for Hire.

2. Cynic-P

Known from the game Crimson Children.

3. Aura

Known from A Lill’ Girls Tale and Clair’s Christmas of Wonders.

4. Comprehensible

Known from Falling Glory.

5. Ez Me

6. Flaimora

7. Koonsolo

Yeah, me! I want to get familiar with my own program again, so what is better than joining this challenge? 🙂

8. Mystify

Made the game World of a Purple Something